Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Meet One Of The World's Fastest Shelby GT500 Mustangs | Metro Ford Chicago

In the world of drag racing, you usually do your best to get optimal traction off the line. Still, there are lots of rear wheel driven beasts out there that happen to do just fine.

Such is the case with this, the Kinetik Motorsport Shelby Mustang GT500 - a car that isn't just fast, but looks fantastic as well.

The GT500 is a proper muscle car, so if muscle is what you're going for, look no further than this modified version. Now, imagine unleashing 1,173 WHP and no fewer than 1,059 lb-ft (1,435 Nm) of torque through your rear tires. That's Bugatti Veyron territory!

In its debut at the Texas Mile, it managed to hit 209.3 mph (336 km/h), which isn't a record, but still, very impressive. As far as fast Mustangs go, there aren't many that can top this one.

Besides the 4.7 liter supercharger, this car also has a limited slip differential, Griggs GR40SS suspension, Koni coilovers, a Magnaflow 3" catback exhaust with competition mufflers, American Racing 2" primary long tube headers and Baer Extreme front and rear brake discs.

Naturally, you can go faster at the Texas Mile. Build yourself something like this Hennessey-tuned Ford GT and you'll make 209 mph look like child's play.

However, in terms of Mustangs, we'll take this particular one any day.

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