Wednesday, January 20, 2016

4 Apps Car Owners Must Have

Most people own a car, maybe even a couple of them. As we all know, a car can be a considerable expenditure - even more so when it comes to visiting a local repair shop, performing scheduled maintenance service, and refilling the gas tank each month. Luckily, mobile developers have taken care of us and today there plenty of handy mobile applications that will simplify much of what we do in our cars. From pointing you towards a gas station with best prices in the city to analyzing your vehicle’s computer, here are four free mobile applications that qualify as must-haves for car owners:  

Waze - Most everyone has Google maps or some other navigation system on their phone, but sometimes the traffic situation isn’t taken into account very well. Thankfully, there’s an awesome app that crowd sources information about the traffic status.

  • One tap navigation
  • Shows alerts on your route
  • Allows you to report traffic to help others
  • Let’s you easily send your ETA to friends

GasBuddy - GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices with one tap. Submitting gas prices helps everyone save money on gas. GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas.

  • Shows cheapest gas stations near you  
  • Finds cheapest gas by city/zip/postal code
  • Let’s to report gas prices to help other people find cheap gas
  • Saves money every time you fill up at the cheapest stations

RepairPal - This app tells you the right price to pay for your repair, finds you a RepairPal certified mechanic in the area, tracks all your repairs, and gives you one-touch access to roadside assistance.


  • Gives an accurate and unbiased repair and service estimates. You’ll know the fair price to pay before you take your car to the shop.
  • Helps you find a recommended repair and maintenance shop near you.
  • Keeps your complete repair history with you. Record what you've done and make a checklist of what you need to do next.

CamSam- Helps to save on traffic tickets. It warns you of speed traps and red light camera warning system!

  • Alerts in real time of mobile radar traps
  • Directional alerts for all fixed
  • Automatic updates every 5 minutes
  • Visual and acoustic warnings
  • Indication of device type and of legal speed limit