Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tips To Consider When Buying Your First New Car

Buying new cars is something that can cause uncertainty. While the process does get easier each time, the first purchase can be quite intimidating if you aren't sure exactly how to go about it. Here are some tips that can help you when it comes time to buy your very first vehicle.

The first thing you should do is establish a budget. Your budget should be realistic and reflect what you are able to pay monthly when looking at new cars. Unless you are able to pay cash for the vehicle, you will be financing the cost. Look at your cost of living when it comes to food, shelter, insurance, and other spending habits. Once you have taken a good look at that and your income, you will have a better idea of what you can afford to spend on a car payment, insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

After you have decided what you can afford, then you need to take a close look at your needs. While there are many fun new cars, purchasing the vehicle that is best suited for you and your lifestyle is a wise choice. Unless you have excess funds, buying a vehicle that is bigger, better, faster, or fancier can cost you more in insurance, maintenance, and fuel.

Now it's time to research new cars. Luckily, learning more about the vehicles that you are considering is quite easy. You can learn more about cars and their features by looking at our site. After you have researched, you can have a more effective shopping process on our lot.

Are you ready to start looking at new cars in person? Come into our dealership and speak with one of our sales associates. The next thing you should do is take a test drive. While you may find all the information you think you need online, you still want to know how the vehicle feels when you sit in it and drive. Is the seat height adequate? How does the steering feel? Do you like the layout of the controls? There is a lot more to a vehicle than what it looks like and its ratings and features so be sure to do a test drive before making a final decision.

After you have shopped around and decided on a vehicle to purchase, you should learn more about your financing options. Depending on your credit history, the down payment you can afford, and other factors, you may have finance options. Speak with our dealership’s finance department about these, we can help you fit the car of dreams into your budget.

Purchasing a new vehicle is exciting, but it is something you should learn about before signing on the dotted line. Use the information shared here to help you make the most informed decision.

Making a Car Safety Kit

If you have a car, prepare an emergency car kit and keep it in the vehicle. A car emergency kit is one of those things that you don't think much about until it's too late. Then you'll wish you didn't leave home without one. Every car should have some essential items in a location that can be easily reached by the driver in an emergency, but not so accessible that a child can get into it.

The basic emergency kit for cars should include the following items:

1. Charged cell phone. It may make the difference between getting help fast and maybe not getting help at all.

2. First-aid kit. It should include Band-Aids, adhesive tape, gauze pads, aspirin, antiseptic wipes, antiseptic cream or ointment, and anything particular to you or your family.

3. Three reflective warning triangles to be placed 50 feet apart in case of emergency to warn oncoming traffic.

4. Blankets or sleeping bags.

5. Tire gauge to periodically check the air pressure in their spare tire.

6. Properly inflated spare tire.

7. Waterproof flashlights and extra batteries.

8. Plastic bottled water for drinking.

9. Non-perishable food, such as nuts and energy bars.

10. Windshield ice scraper.

11. Battery jumper cables.

12. Warning light or roadside flares.

13. Sanitation and personal hygiene items.

14. Family and emergency contact information.

Be prepared for an emergency by keeping your gas tank full and if you find yourself stranded, be safe and stay in your car, put on your flashers, call for help and wait until it arrives.